“Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution” was founded in 2008 after receiving the legal permit of the “Ministry of Health, Medication and Medical Education” of Iran. Company’s main focus is on optimum distribution of pharmaceutical products.“Eltiam” started his services with covering a majority of Tehran’s drugstores, clinics and other health and Medicare centers, and soon extended its arms all around Iran via 22 intensive distribution centers in different cities and provinces. In the next phase of development,Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution has now successfully started its new distribution line of “Cold chain”.
Having the benefit of working with country’s top pharmaceutical suppliers is one of many features that helps the Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distributionstand apart, another main indicator of the company is the ability to enjoy knowledge and hard work of a unified staff and the use of scientific advancements, IT enhancements and technological innovations to improve the country’s supply chain of pharmaceutical product swhich are amongst many other distinguishing indicators Leading Eltiam on the path to Promote and prompt the process of pharmaceutical distribution, to fastest optimum level whilst gain an idealistic version of customer loyalty and careby offering new sufficient services.
Ever since the start point, Customer care and satisfaction by providing the fastest distribution services has always been a first priorityin Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution, today by relying on its dynamic organizational structure and trough use of technology in all interactions Eltiam now thinks about building a brighter future for Iran’s pharmaceutical industry.


Our Mission

  • Innovation and offering a wide variety of services
  • Optimum fast distribution of pharmaceutical products all over the country, including faraway unfrequented locations
  • Using modern knowledge and technology in all activities while improving interactions via the use of Information and Communication technologies.
  • Offering fresh sufficient services to achieve the idealistic goal of total customer care and loyalty.
  • Utilizing high technology and science, excellent quality, and most effective healthcare/safety means, to mobilize each and every storehouse and branch.
  • Investing on ways to create more employment opportunities
  • To Maintain and improve Human Resources

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