About Us

Eltiam Pharmacutical Distribution Co.


About Us

“Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution Company” was established in December of 2008 after receiving a legal permit from Iran's “Ministry of Health” by benefiting the cooperation of several top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. To exceed expectations and to become one of the leaders in country’s pharmaceutical distribution industry, “Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution” first started with covering a majority of Tehran’s drugstores, clinics and other health and Medicare centers, and soon extended its arms all around the country via 22 reliable intensive distribution centers in different cities and provinces, as a result even the most faraway unfrequented locations are now covered.After all being devoted to fulfilling country today and tomorrow needs, lasting care and loyalty to its customers, and most important of all prompt, yet qualified distribution of pharmaceutical productshas helped Eltiam to take further stepson the path of success shortly after starting out; but the company still has farmore successful steps to take and will continue to try and keep its popularity, by relying on the skills of a devoted team, this time and in its most recent phase of development, Eltiam has successfully started a new distribution line of “Cold chain” .Good health is an important personal and social requirement, that is why “Eltiam pharmaceutical distribution Company”, hopes to play a pioneer role in meeting society’s need for popular wellbeing and ultimately become one of the leading companies in Iran’s pharmaceutical distribution industry.

What sets Eltiam apart

      One of the unique features of “Eltiam pharmaceutical distribution” compared to other distributers, is being able to benefit from thehard work, expertiseand tireless efforts of devoted human resources whose support lets the company get closer and closer to achieveits ultimate goal: carrying out the fastest,yet well optimized method for distributing pharmaceutical products, that would convey the medication to those in need of it, as fast as possible.
      Following health and safety universal Standards, committing healthy business interactions (sales) based on rules and regulations, constantly offering new superior services, intact after sales careand attention, and most importantly,putting customer’s rights and demands above all others, are amongst indicators of Eltiam and what helps its name to stand apart from the others.

Company’s Ideals:

By constantly motivating its capablehuman resources, and focusing primarily on a system to generate maximum profitfrom existing resources, "Eltiam Pharmaceutical Distribution"hopes to nail these ultimate ideals: and become one of the leading companies in Iran’s pharmaceutical industry:

  • Innovation and offering a wide variety of services
  • Convey pharmaceutical products, in the shortest possible time, after the orders are placed
  • Fast, optimum distribution of pharmaceutical products all over the country, including faraway unfrequented locations
  • Using modern science and technology in all activities and improving interactions by using Information and Communication technologies.
  • Offering new sufficient services to achieve the idealistic goal of total customer care and loyalty.
  • Utilize high technology and science, excellent quality, and most effective healthcare/safety devices, to mobilize each and every warehouse and branch.
  • Making investments on ways to create more employment opportunities
  • To Maintain and also improve Human Resources along with upgrading the dynamic aspects of organization.
  • Unify and facilitate access to the information involved in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, from the start point i.e. manufacturer, to the end i.e. Drugstore.